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Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness on your resort,villa and hotel outdoor furniture project purchasing.

Our Product

Outdoor Dining

Pool Furniture

Bar Furniture

Patio Seating

Balcony Furniture

Outdoor Parasol

Your Concern We Solve

Not Idea What Quality You Need For Projects

Chairill  offers product technical sheet for your use location

No Idea About Delivery Cost And Get This Service

Chairill offers door to door service and related delivery charge for your reference budget

Hard to Purchase Low MOQ Model

Chairill offers 1 pc customized service

Lost Business Due to Delayed Delivery

Chairill offers clear production schedule and updated process to ensure delivery

Suppliers Do Not Know How To Communicate With Your Design Team

Chairill can communicate with design team and if you do not have deisgn team for the color schemes, we can offer solution

Top-secret Project Or Design

Chairill can sign confidentiality agreement to guarantee your side

Brand Material We Use

Choice Decides Quality, You Decides Choice

Experienced in custom outdoor furniture

In past 11-year, we helped 439 customers to finish hundreds of outdoor furniture projects.

Satisfied Customers
Years Experience
Factory Area

Chairill Value

Chairill offers a streamlined procurement experience for outdoor furniture, emphasizing clarity, ease, and safety throughout the purchasing journey. Our solutions prioritize efficiency and reliability, empowering businesses to make informed decisions with confidence

Our Order Flow

Order Confirmation

Assurance of purchase completion, pivotal in customer satisfaction and transaction finalization.

Arrange Deposit

TT30% deposit before producing

Sample Confirmation

Critical step ensuring accuracy, quality, and alignment with customer expectations, fostering trust and satisfaction.

Mass Production

After sample confirmation, mass production starts, usually takes 45 days.

Goods Inspection

Rigorous quality assessment to uphold standards, detect defects, and ensure customer satisfaction, integral to our commitment to excellence.

Goods Delivery

Besides traditonal Fob, we also offer CIF and door to door service.

All of our customers trust their success to us

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Rudhi Sasmito

— Head Of Operations

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